Space Party Games and Activities

Published: 07th July 2009
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If you're throwing a space theme party this summer, here's a few outdoor games you might enjoy.

This first game is great for all ages. Save Planet Earth.

Find something to be planet earth. Paint a giant beach ball blue and green like the earth or maybe wrap up a lawn chair to be earth.

Split the guests into two teams, one to defend earth and one to attack it with meteors. Give the attacking team several beach balls (meteors) to try to hit earth and the defending team tries to keep earth from being hit. Someone defending earth can hold a ball to keep it from hitting earth, but then they can't move. The key is to have more balls to throw than defenders. Just keep throwing the balls again and again. Set a time limit. If earth is moved by meteors out of its designate orbit (a small circle around earth) then the meteor team wins. If earth stays in orbit, then the defenders of earth win.

Most ages will enjoy this next activity as well. Film Canister Rocket Launch.

Before the party collect several film canisters. You need the kind that has the lid that fits INSIDE the canister, not outside. Get enough for each guest. Give each guest a film canister, an Alka-Seltzer tab, and a bottle of water. Fill the canister with water, add the tab, put on the lid, place on the ground upside down, and step back. The canister will launch itself. If the lid wasn't securely put on, it won't launch; try again. Then, try two or three tabs in the canister at a time.

The UFO Frisbee game is fun. Turn a Frisbee into a UFO by hot gluing half of a foam ball to the top of it. Make several UFO Frisbees and play ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee tag, or just have fun playing with the Frisbee.

Throw Shooting Stars. Make comets or shooting stars by placing a bean bag in the center of a large circle of fabric. Fasten the fabric around the bean bag with a ribbon or rubber band, knapsack style. Have the guests throw the comets at a target.

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